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Worry-Free Maintenance Plans

What are “Worry-Free” Updates?

Our company is designed specifically for clients who feel their time is better spent running their business while letting the experts handle their website.  Worry-Free Updates are just that, a simply way for you to keep your site updated while we do the heavy lifting. If you need any changes, you simply send an e-mail and we take care of the rest.  We want to make sure your website information stays up to date and continues to look great, while you spend your time making money.

$30/month Standard Plan

WPEngine Hosting - Included FREE

WPEngine is hands down the best host provider for WordPress websites.  You can visit their page at  You will notice they charge $35 per month for a single site on their basic server.  Your site will be on their enterprise server for $5 less and we do the work for you.  You can’t beat that!

Non-Shared Server Space - Included FREE

Shared server space is like living in an Apartment building.  Your are sharing server space and your website’s performance is influenced by those around it.  Sharing allows companies to offer cheaper space because it’s shared.  We believe in performance, our Cluster Dedicated Servers provide optimal speeds and efficiency creating a smoother experience for your visitors.

SSL Certificate Security - Included FREE

SSL Certificates provide secure, encrypted communications between a website and an internet browser. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, the protocol which provides the encryption. SSL Certificates are typically installed on pages that require end-users to submit sensitive information over the internet like credit card details or passwords. We provide this service on every page of your site so your site is secure.

Daily Backups - Included FREE

You will never have to worry about losing data and information. Your site is fully backed up daily so we are prepared for even the worst of events.

Brute Force Attack Security - Included FREE

Brute Force Attacks is when bots attempt many login combinations until they achieve success. We monitor for successive failed attempts and take every to step to prevent such attacks from breaching your site.

Core & Plugin Updates - Included FREE

Internet Security is forever changing. Updates guarantee that the latest security scripts and measures are in place to protect against the most recent hacking practices. We make sure you stay updated.

Add-On Services

Monthly Content Updates - $40/mo.

Any work we do is normally billed at $75/hour. Buy purchasing an hour in advance you save 40% and enjoy the ease of simply emailing in anything you need done. You can use your hour however you need to including product and inventory, image updates, copy text updates, swapping out flyers, adding events and more. Trust me, we do a lot in an hour.

Note: Changes are tracked in half-hour increments.

Google Analytics - $8/mo.

Google Analytics is the industry standard for measuring visitor experience. You will see what pages are visited most often and how long. You can even see what devices people are using most and what browsers are most common. This is important in knowing where to place your most important information. You will receive a monthly report sharing what’s more important about your site visitor’s behavior.

There is a one-time fee of $150 for setting up this service.

SEO - $10/mo.

Yoast is a leading WordPress Plugin for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It measures and allows for the input of data to better your chances of being found when potential clients perform searches. This is important for a company that is seeking to be found online and attract new customers.

There is a one-time minimum fee of $150 to set this service up. Set-up fee may vary based on size of site and project complexity.

E-Commerce Site Maintenance - $15/mo.

E-commerce sites have many moving parts from ordering to payments to product variations. We make sure your store is running efficiently and effectively. You will be taking orders even while you sleep.

This does not include product and inventory management, but our Content Update add-on does.

Donations / Giving - $5/mo.

Merchant Services is a fancy name for those who process your credit card transactions. Making sure these process are current and update is imperative for security reasons. Don’t worry, we have you covered.

E-mail Opt-In Maintenance - $5/mo.

Never miss a client signup knowing that your integration is being handled by us. As a bonus, we will even design your first MailChimp template so you know your list e-mails look great when you send them. Yep, we’re cool like that.

There is a $150 one-time setup fee for this service.


This plan is for larger websites and clients who require frequent changes and updates to their site. We will customize a plan that meets your needs and your budget. You can get back to doing what you love knowing professionals are handling all of your website needs. Contact us and let’s get your project moving forward.

Priority Support

While we generally make updates in 3-5 business days, as a priority customer, your requests will be pushed to the front of the queue resulting in less wait time for change requests.

Graphic Design Discount

An an Enterprise Client you will receive a 20% Discount on all Graphic Design work including flyers, banners, business cards and more. Discount applies to design and not printing costs.

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