We make every effort to learn as much about your business and your target audience as possible.


We create a custom design that has the look, feel and functionality to attract and convert visitors to customers.


Our worry-free monthly maintenance plan gives you the assurance that your website is secure and always up to date.


Is your site mobile friendly?

“92% of American Adults own a cellphone”

Mobile Responsive

Look good on any device- desktop or mobile.

Beautiful Design

An attractive site that makes clients want to look further.

Secure Hosting

Hosted in a safe and constantly monitored environment.

Daily Backups

Your website and data backed up daily.

Maintenance Updates

We perform all relevant updates so your site always runs smoothly.

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All Websites Need Four Things:

Domain Name

This is the most important part. It is the address you will share with others to send them to your site. We encourage clients to always retain ownership of their domain. Do NOT let anyone, including us, own your domain. We recommend purchasing your domain at GoDaddy. They are reasonably priced and offer great domain service.

When you purchase your domain name be prepared to search for a while. Most common names are already taken. It is a known face that the .COM suffix is still the best and most recognizable. Avoid combinations of letters and numbers. You want a name that you can share with others verbally and easily without being misunderstood.

Don't worry we can help you with this if we need to.


Think of this as the land your house will sit on. All hosting services are not the same and some may have attractive prices but you often get what you pay for.

There are two types of hosting services, shared and dedicated. Think of shared hosting like purchasing an apartment. Your website "shares" space with a number of other websites. While you will not see these other websites, their traffic flow will impact the performance of your site. If one apartment catches fire it impacts the entire building. If a site suddenly goes viral, you will inevitably experience a slow down and may not know why because your hosting is shared. This is how many companies can offer much cheaper hosting options.

Dedicated hosting is just as it sounds. It is like a closed lot of land housing a number of houses, however their performance does not impact one another. It is a dedicated area, and while more expensive, it offers the benefit of greater performance and increased security.

We use dedicated server space and our space only contains our clients thus insuring maximum performance and security.

We use a company called WPEngine for our server needs. Feel free to look them up. They are rather expensive but we believe quality is important and they are considered the best of the best. For a single website, they charge $35 per month. We include this cost in your monthly maintenance plan.


The website is your new house. People often ask, how much is a website? To us it's like saying how much is a house? Of course, it depends on the house.

Every project is given a custom quote specific to the needs and complexity of the website. Your quote will be based on the amount of time we believe your project requires as we do all billing by the hour.

A good website will invite your client to discover more, interact and provide information allowing you to follow up and eventually leading to sales. A good looking website will have a clearly defined color scheme, sharp images and will be easy to navigate. We do not believe in cumbersome websites that over inundate visitors with tons of information leaving them lost in a labyrinth of data. We believe in minimalist design with a sleek, elegant and defined look.

It is also important that your website looks good on mobile devices. This is how 87% of Americans will learn about your business before visiting, hiring or making a purchase. There is nothing worse than website too tiny to read on a phone. But don't worry, we have you covered. You will look great on desktop, laptop, tablet and phone!

Because your website will not only reflect your company, but ours as well, we can assure you it will be beautiful, functional and practical.

Security and Updates

Once it's all built and going it has to be maintained. This means securing your site against unwanted intruders and hacking. It also means backing your website and it's data in the rare even the worse may happen.

Forbes Magazine reports that 30,000 websites are hacked every day. Many are simple exploitations because a site was not updated and secure.

We will protect your site and back your site up daily. You can rest knowing your site is in protected hands with us. All security and updates needed are included in your monthly maintenance plan.

No Worries. We have you covered.

Our clients love us and you will too!

Enjoy a View of Some of Our Work

Gary Indiana Alpha Phi Alpha Chapter

This website was designed to share important information about the Graduate Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated.  It includes information about the fraternity as well as information on how to join and upcoming events.  A passworded section has been added more member only access.


AME Christian Education Dept.

This website required a host of fuctionality including a MailChimp Integration that allows visitors to sign up and receive a daily scripture thought delivered to their e-mail box. It also includes an e-commerce solution making books and items available for purchase.


BigCee Official

This drummer and music producer needed a branding that allowed him to stand out among musicians. This one page design is easy to navigate and provides all the information necessary to familiarize a visitor with who he is.


Dr. Braxton Shelley

This Harvard Professor and Musician need a “digital resume” to highlight himself as well as his accomplishments and ongoing work. We also included video and audio of his preaching.


Creative Concierge

This startup business has taken off since the publishing of their new website. We designed a logo that reflected the philosophy of the company and created an easy to navigate site for older visitors.


Fresh Fire Ministries

We started by providing a logo that was, well… fire. LOL. The we used that color palette to create a site that share the excitement of her ministry, it’s events and a way to make donations.


GCH Partners

A professional, clean and elegant looking design that reflects the nature of this Manhattan business investment firm. Interestingly, the CEO is a photographer so he provided some awesome images for the homepage design. How cool is that?!


Vote Miller 2020

Dr. James F. Miller is an outstanding author and Pastor so his site need to say such. We are excited to be part of his campaign marketing team. You will see that his site shares the many facets of who he is and does it in a neat and organized way.


Rockford Dermatology

Rockford Dermatology was in need of a redesign. We added some functionality such as newsletter signup and links to their Patient Portal. It was important that the images reflect the cultural diversity of their clientele and that their numerous services be presented in an organized fashion. Check out their awesome appointment popup when you go!


30 Day God Challenge

This amazing book is presented on a one-page site with a color scheme that is strong and bold. Links allow visitors to order the book on Amazon as well as discover more about the author.


Think Like A Fish

This site shares important components of this book and entices the visitor to purchase the book to discover more. Having a website for your book can do amazing things for sales and for booking speaking engagements.


Dr. Virgil Woods

Of course we had to build a website for the CEO. LOL. If you are a public speaker or personality a website can save valuable time by providing a place for people to obtain your bio and photo with you having to send another e-mail. It also says you are serious about what you do.


First AME Church

Church website are always fun. This site offers all of the information necessary for someone looking for a church to visit and considering First AMEC. We have done a number of church websites and we have learned a lot in the process. We offer that knowledge to you.


Flyer Kingz

This simple yet effective website is about letting the work speak for itself. It is also one of our favorite logo designs. After seeing those awesome images, why would someone consider hiring someone else. LOL.


Go Fourth

This site shares information regarding church growth and outlines the evangelism program for the Fourth District of the AME Church. The logo design is awesome and reflects the forward motion this ministry is taking. Check it out!


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