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How to Submit Content And Update Requests

When submitting content, it is important for you to be as specific as possible.


More than likely, you have multiple pages for your website. Please be sure to specify the exact page (and section, when possible) you are referring to.


It is important that your text be cut and paste ready. Generally this means submitting a Microsoft Word, Mac Pages or PDF document. You can also place text directly in an email. Please know that we do not proofread your text, so it is important that you check spelling, grammar and syntax prior to submission. If it is a list, such as names, make sure you send the list in the exact order you would like them to appear. Remember, we cut and paste.


We like to say a good dish is only as good as it’s ingredients. For us, those ingredients are the images. The higher the quality and resolution are for your images, the sharper your website will appear. This means being at least 1920px x 1080px. It also means the image file typically will be larger than 1mb. Please do not be offended if we tell you your image is not good enough. We want the best for you and our work represents both your business and ours.

When submitting images the file name is important. It helps us to identify exactly what or who we are looking at. Please change the file name to reflect such. For exampe, if it is a person, the file name should be johndoe.jpg. Images can be submitted as JPG or PNG.

Tip: Images taken off of Facebook are already compressed and usually don’t work well.

When submitting images of people, please make sure they are approved by the subject. Swapping out images because people don’t like the way they look can cost extra time and money.

If we are still building your website, e-mail your content to or the Google Drive or Dropbox we have setup for you.

If you are live and need an update, click Easy Update here or the button below.

If your content is too large for e-mail, contact us at for other options.