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Website Design

Every website project is different.  We price your project based on the unique needs of your business and more importantly, the time required to see your project to the end.  We do offer discounts to non-profit organizations and 12-month financing is available. Contact us and let’s talk about creating a website that accomplishes exactly what you are looking for.

Once your website is live. Our monthly maintenance plan will cover everything you need.  If you need to make changes, a simple e-mail will do the trick.  Your site will be hosted on WPEngine, a premier hosting service for the WordPress platform; optimized for speed, performance and reliability ($30/mo value).

We do not purchase domain names and strongly discourage any client from allowing any designer ownership of their domain name.  Your domain name is your unique address and once lost, it can only be reacquired if the new owner permits.

Worry-Free Website Management

You will never need to touch your website again.


$99 Monthly Price includes everything you need:


Top Rated Servers

99.9% Uptime

WordPress Optimized


Site Speed Optimization

Link and Form Testing

Mobile Testing


Daily Backups

WordPress Core Updates

Plugin Updates


Firewall Protection

Malware Scan

Active Intrusion Monitoring

Need to make changes?

No worries. We make them for you.

Simply Submit A Request including the attachments and your changes are usually made within 48-72 hours.


$99 Monthly Price includes everything you need:

*Monthly Price May Vary Based on Project Needs

Basic Content Changes

Change any of the following via a simple e-mail:

  • Update Copy Text
  • Update/Replace Image
  • Update Link URL
  • Swap out Flyers
  • Add/Remove Personnel
WordPress CMS Updates

Stay up-to-date with the latest software and updates and security patches of the WordPress CMS.  This will ensure your site is ready for new technologies and features as they emerge, and will give you a basic level of protection against potential threats.

Website Backup

Rest assured knowing that your website is backed up and easily recoverable in case of an emergency.  Backups encompass your full website, including your database and files.

Website Repair

If something ever goes wrong with your website, you are covered.  If your website is hacked, encounters a bug, experiences a server error or any other problem due to a software or server malfunction, it will be fixed with the most immediate attention possible.

Security Monitoring

Protect your website from intruders! Using advanced technology, your website will be monitored 24/7 for possible intrusion attempts, including those who are trying to gain access to sensitive information or others who just want to take down or take over your web site. With 1 website hacked every 5 seconds, it is imperative that high level security measures are put in place.

24hr Security: ON

Hosting WPEngine ($30/mo. value)

Dedicated (Not-Shared) Server Space

Testing and Optimization

Daily Backups

Core Site Updates

Plugin Updates

Firewall Protection

Malware Scan

Active Intrusion Monitoring

SSL Security Certificate

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