A Few Recent Projects

This was a complete rebrand.  This organization came with an outdated logo and website and ready for an up to date look.  We started with a new logo incorporating the same elements in the original design but in a more modern way.  We rebuilt their website with an inviting look and encouraging customers to make a purchase through their ecommerce setup or sign up for their MailChimp campaign.  We then redesigned the MailChimp template, social media profile pics and such, so branding would be consistent.  This was a wonderful project and it was so helpful that they had all of their content prepared and ready to go.  Did I mention we met both deadline and budget! Yes!

What’s better than building a website? Building a website for a worthy cause just feels good on so many levels.  We are excited to be a part of this movement to bring aid to Syria.  We were presented with the challenge of presenting all artists involved but in an organized fashion.  The toggles allowed us to contain respective bios so one page could hold all of the information.  Did we mention how good the music is too? Check them out and show some love to this cause.

Recently, the album has been completed so we included snippets and the option to purchase and download the album directly from the website.  This client keeps all of the proceeds minus the small credit card transaction fees from PayPal. Nothing like a site that pays for itself. Yes!

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